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Logo Design
October 14, 2019

DIY Logo Design?

Thinking of doing the logo yourself? Getting into logo design as a graphic designer? Read this article before deciding either as well as get education on topics such as color and print. Spoiler: You get what you pay for.
Print Design
April 1, 2019

Typography 101

Embarking on a logo design or print piece? Want to be sure you understand what your graphic designer is talking about when helping you choose a font for your designs? This is a basic crash course regarding the general terms of typography and what you should know before choosing fonts for your logo or web site.
Graphic Design
December 28, 2018

Graphic Philosophy

What do graphic designers do that create such an impact with a logo or a brochure? A graphic designer's job is more than simply be a minimalist or vague, it is to convey an idea with "less". Much like turning a novel into a haiku, it is quite a challenge to still keep the same message.