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Logo Design Questionnaire

Please fill out the following information to help us get started on your logo project. Your work agreement states the level of design we will provide for you.

The design of your business logo is an important first step in the creation of your business image. Ideally, this one symbol should be able to convey what your business is about or at least distinguish your company name in an attractive and unique setting. Keep in mind what this logo is for and where you are going to be using it. In general, it is best to have a relatively simple logo that can be used on letterhead, business cards as well as on your web site. In short, you want a distinctive mark that people will remember and associate with your business, in business terms, you want a logo you can brand into the memories of your audience.

We want to give you a custom logo that fits your business and is attractive to your target audience. We have put together the following questionnaire in order to understand the image you wish to create. With this in mind, please remember that the more specific you are the better we can create the image you desire.


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“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity.

Great design is born of those two things.”

Lindon Leader, Legendary Graphic Designer